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Cortelco Phones

Cortelco offers a variety of products for residential and business use. They provide a vast range of traditional single line telephones, 2 line models featured with the latest technology. When it comes to basic and simplicity Cortelco phones are reliable and more dependable. They are the first choice for the best audio sound, good service, and great support. 

Superior Quality Sound:

Cortelco corded phones are best to deliver you the quality sound without any distortion. They are featured with modern technology systems that allow you to hear and to be heard in the most acceptable way. DECT 6.0 digital technology provides the superior quality sound at a wider range.
The brilliant audio quality gives you the confidence to say the words clearly to the other end. They enable you to have clear phone calls without any disturbance and keep the contact information close in hand. They are flexible in placement options as they can be placed on the table or wall-mounted.

Conference Made more Reliable:

Cortelco cordless phones are developed with a wide frequency that keeps you connected with the base. The hands-free mode lets you finish your other task side by side with being connected with your clients. You can walk around, make your coffee, or get the relevant document that can assist you in understanding your customer far better.
You can get into the conference with other headsets and make a small group calls simple. This increases productivity and saves your time too. The group discussion is best as it connects you with more members and gives you a chance of collaboration with others. Voice mail- waiting indicators let you know when you have new messages.
Even you can use them as an intercom in the house where you do not need to shout around. They are expandable to 10 to 12 headsets with a cordless base digital answering system. Your voice is heard out to the more people and thus make the communication more effective. 


Cortelco handsets are made for the home and business with a comfortable design. They are designed in such a way that when they are attached to the ear, they catch the natural vocals to make the conversation understandable on both ends. The receivers are light weighted enough that your hand would not feel fatigued after holding it for so long. They are ideal for people who have a slight touch of hearing disorder, or their hearing problem is at the initial stage. They have handy volume controls that let you adjust the sound level to suit your preferences.
The phone numbers, text alerts, and more can be easily read from the LCD display. The phonebook allows you to save more than 100 contacts with names and numbers. The information is saved for the later use even you can check the dialed/missed and incoming calls record as well.