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Plantronics P10/2250, PLUG-PRONG AMP FOR NORTEL 2250

$110.00 $74.60 Discount: $35.40
SKU: 60288-41


  •  Plantronics P10/2250 Plug Prong Headset Adapter is designed for use with all NT2250 telephone devices. It is built with a unique amplifier that allows users to make use of their headsets with the NT2250 phones conveniently. The product is also known as SHS1761-12, Nortel 2250 as well as P10/2250. In fact, making use of this device gives you freedom to move around and do other things without any obstruction. It has a quick disconnect headset cord which allows users to move away from their telephones without even removing the headset. This device is a must have even though the “H” series headsets are the only set of devices that are highly compatible with it. This electronic device also comes with some special features that makes them a must have for all NT2250 telephone users. It has a unique volume control system that allows you to adjust the volume of the voice to a reasonable and comfortable level for you. It also has an automatic gain control system and a dual-prong adapter. However, PBX and ACD users will find this device very interesting. It is comfortable, durable and comes with a 10-foot cord that makes it more convenient for
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