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Plantronics Savi series headsets are built to provide you a large range of productivity-focused office tools. With a unified communication system, they supply best in class audio in a conveniently portable package.

Premium sound Quality:

Plantronics headsets are engineered for the superior connectivity that allows you to hear and to be heard. They are made professionally to make you feel the importance of the quality sound during the office. They are featured with DECT technology so that you do not miss out on any piece of important information on the call.  They are made out of premium quality for the professionals who need excellent customer conversations. They are featured with the noise-canceling technology that supplies you with an outstanding peaceful environment to work. They drop out all the background noises so that there is no distortion while you are active on the calls. They are certified for the business Skype and video calls that are an essential part of the business. 
They are incredible to deliver you call quality even in the noisy offices so you can concentrate on the customers and do not get disturbed by the office noises. They can be transformed into a personal headset for listening to music and making video calls. 

Multiple Devices Singular Control:

The wireless headsets work on the Bluetooth technology that makes you go hands-free around the office to do another task side by side. They are built-in with a wide-roaming range to make you connected with your devices where ever you may go. The frequency allows you to communicate up to 350 feet away from your desk. They have strong connectivity which is not weakened over the distance. They can be connected with multiple devices and the calls can be taken from different devices without any problem. The long-lasting battery offers 9 hours of talk time and features an energy-efficient adaptive power system to conserve battery life. They are an ideal choice to buy for the best sound solutions.

Wearing Styles for You:

Plantronics wireless headsets are made to free you up from the network of the wires that keep locking you at one place. The wireless ear piece are available in different wearing styles to wear according to your choice. They are available in monaural and binaural styles, both presenting the outstanding sounds without any chaos. They are manufactured out of the fine material that gives a perfect feel to touch. They are made reliable and durable for office environments. The rim is highly adjustable and padded with a headband so it feels lighter and designed for comfort and everyday use and safety. The domed shape of the earpieces is tailored to wrap around the ears thus sealing music and keeping distractions out.
The ear pads are cushioned with soft leather so that they feel light on the ears and do not disturb the contours of your auditory organs. They also have sound shock absorbers that minimize the sharp sound pitches before they enter your ear canals. This feature helps to protect your ears from the damage caused by the sharp pitch.