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AT&T triplex adapter View Details

AT&T triplex adapter

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AT&T 25 foot line cord View Details

AT&T 25 foot line cord

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AT&T Syn248 Analog Gateway View Details

AT&T Syn248 Analog Gateway

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AT&T Pones and Accessories

AT&T telephone products are excellent for telecommunication services. They have engineered with advanced technology and design that millions of people enjoy every day. 

Simple Corded Operations

AT&T corded phones are the most reliable and satisfying source of communication. They provide excellent sound quality to be heard at both ends. They are used in offices and homes with easy to use and easy to setup mode. They can dial and receive calls on two different phone lines. They have broad screen with visible large dialing pads. The receiver is made into the perfect design and style that catches your voice without any distortion. The cord is highly flexible and long that allows you to stretch to the next table to get a file.
They are featured with a digital answering call system and a Caller ID and call waiting system. Their Clear-speak technology allows you to speak and listen without holding the handset. This allows you to stay hands-free and to do another work side by side of the calls. They possess speed 18-number speed dial as well.

Broadband Frequency:

The devices such as AT&T cordless phones are engineered to make you free from the wires that keep you sitting at one place. They are featured with Bluetooth technology which allows you to manage the calls using either your cell or home phone. Once a Bluetooth device is paired to the base, the base will automatically connect to the device when it is in the range.
You can swap between cellular and home line calls. Their connectivity can be expandable up to 12 handsets due to DECT 6.0 digital technology. The broadband frequency range allows you to enjoy the flexibility and the freedom to move about the place. The calls can be attended at the most comfortable posture without losing the strong connection.

Easy to Use:

Cheap AT&T handsets are easy to use in the office and home. They are designed to make handling and listening comfort. They are featured with Noise-cancelling technology that makes your calling experience more smooth and reliable.  They are made senior-friendly as many of them have trouble looking at the small screens or keys so the system is improved with extra-large display and big buttons that make the calling easy for them.
They do not require Ac power thus they can be placed at a side table or mounted on the wall. They have audio assistance that helps you listen to the number dialed and extra loud ringer so that a call is never missed. They have an inbuilt answer system that can be used to leave a message for your callers. 
They have a tilt screen view that gives a better display of the text. The phone directory can hold up to 100 names and numbers in the phonebook. The headset is compatible with 2.5mm jack. You can control the volume of the handset according to your listening demands and can hold and mute the calls with handy buttons.