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If you are a pilot or have a ride on the aircraft you would need safety gadgets. Aviation headsets are one of the most important pieces of gear. They are not only worn to listen to the commands from the headquarters but also provide the blocking from the background noises. They are manufactured to impact your comfort and the ability to make the flight a success. 

Feel the Difference:

Plantronics aviation headsets are products of decades of research and development. They are certified and featured with advanced noise cancellation technology. They give you complete isolation from the surroundings and make your journey more convenient and smooth. The noise-canceling technology reduces the extreme noise and gives your ears and mind the peace of no sound. They are built upon the advanced technology of the original. They deliver you the HD sound and make you able to hear the conversation crystal and clear. They are highly comfortable and compact to wear and hear. They are designed for the professional pilot’s flight and offers numerous updates and enhancements based on the pilot input.  They allow you to select the model that best suits you from the personal preference and aircraft environment.

Extensive Level of Comfort:

They are manufactured and inspired by the professional designers to give you an outstanding device that will give you complete comfort. They are ideal for the small and longest flights as they are light on the head with a weight less than 4.5 ounce. The ear cushions are made with the best materials that would give your ear contours a relaxing feel. They are made out of soft leather foam that is light and does not irritate the skin even. They cover your ears properly and even work to block out unwanted noises. They are made with active noise reduction technology that makes a tremendous difference in your comfort and flight experience. They are developed with Sound guard technology to protect your ears from the high pitched sounds which are very dangerous for the auditory organs.

Excellent Connectivity:

These headphones have earned a reputation in the market as a premium brand. They offer the pilots a remarkable experience during their flights without sacrificing comfort for any reason. They can be connected with all of your devices which is an important feature of these headsets. They can be connected wirelessly to mobile devices, audio systems, and even electronic flight bags. They are highly compatible with the hearing purposes as they are developed to make high fidelity communication experience. The combination of good features and comfort make these headsets a very good choice for personal and professional use. The easy controls make you the charge of all the activities such as mute and up /down the volume. They enhance the productivity and focus of the pilots by providing customized communications. They come up with the 1-2 years warranty from the manufacturers.