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VXI Envoy Office 2031U Box

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VXI Headsets

VXI headsets are the professional solutions for the high-quality sound that is needed for personal and official use. They are designed to deliver you 24/7 comfort and durability in mind. They are manufactured with the quality materials and components that lower the cost of the early replacements.

Quality sound

These headsets are manufactured to give you impressive quality sound. The sound experience is always remembered just as the visuals both play an important part in understanding things better. But the two way communication can be simplified by the VXI wireless headsets that are pioneers to give quality sound. Whether you use them for personal or professional use they would never make you disappoint on the basis of sound richness and clarity. They are featured with the DECT technology that provides the natural sound to the ears. The active noise cancellation (ANC) reduces the ambient sound that can distort the conversation. 
They eliminate all the noises that can cause falsehood during the calls such as sounds from the fans and air conditions so you can hear what you want to hear. They are built-in with the latest mic technologies that are sensitive to the vocals and software algorithms that cancel noise. This makes possible for you to work in the same environment without turning up the volume or change the place. They are designed to make your work life easier.

Long Term Performance

These earpieces are developed with the versatility of connection. They can be connected with Bluetooth or a USB-A receiver. They are easy to use as VXI offers all the features of their wired counterparts along with the freedom to get up, stretch and roam around the place while using your headsets. You can use them with the freedom to take calls, join or initiate a video meeting or even you can listen to your favorite music. These wireless specification would never disappoint you in terms of sound quality or connection. Working with hands-free open ups the ability to make coffee, write or hold other things alongside talking to another person on the line.  They make you multi-tasker without missing any important calls. The range they offer is highly appreciable as it goes to 100 to 330 ft. 

Impressive Comfort

These headphones are designed by the professional designers and tested upon before launching out in the market. They are designed for office use all day and every night. Therefore they are made more reliable and durable with welded construction. They are made to endure the pressure from the sharp objects and for the accidental fall in the office. They are made with a silicone-padded headband that is extremely lightweight and adjustable. They just provide the right clamping force for the right fit. This sort of structure is very useful for the productivity of the business. They make you more focused and concentrated on the work. They deliver you a high level of comfort and make you active and fresh even after the long call sessions. They are designed for all-day wearing comfort.