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Get a suitable hearing solution for your organization and specific use with Jabra UC Voice Series headsets. They are featured with the world's outstanding audio qualities to make you fall in love with their use.

Crystal Clear Sound:

Jabra headsets provide an extreme level of clarity that makes you feel to have a face to face conversation with the clients. The entire usual problems such as the background-noise, popping sound, and breathing rhythms are eliminated to give you an outclass audio response. They are designed to get better concentration with the clients and eliminate the distraction by the colleagues. They are integrated with busy lights to make others aware that you are active on the call and not available when it is on. They are the most preferable solutions for calling purposes as they are featured with noise-canceling technology. The microphones and speakers are integrated with this noise-canceling technology that allows you to have a peaceful conversation with your clients irrespective of the noisy environments.       

Flexible to Use:

Talking on the phone for many hours a day can be hard for your ears but corded headsets emphasize comfort, state of the art audio and durability. They are manufactured out of the best material that is highly suitable for your head and ear contours. They are made highly efficient and light weighted for the office and daily use. These entry-level headsets are made highly comfortable for the long calling session. They are ideal for personal and professional as they are a low-cost solution for all office environments. They are made to ensure quick adoption with easy to operate call functions with high-quality sound for all types of calls. They are available in 3 wearing styles according to your preference. The ear pads are made out of the soft leather that does not exert much pressure on the ear contours.
The microphone is flexible with a boom arm tip for optimal positioning to ensure voice clarity. The Air shock microphone eliminates unwanted breathing noise when you bring the mic close to your mouth. To reduce this discomfort the microphones are designed with many small holes and placed a layer of foam on the inside. This improves call quality and prevents air shocks.

Complete Connectivity:

Jabra corded headsets are featured with digital signal processing (DSP) technology that provides you with crystal clear sound without any distortions even at the maximum volume. These headphones can be connected easily with a computer, desk phones, and smartphones. The versatile connectivity does not compromise over the sound quality. They can be chosen from 20 different models according to your desired specification and affordability. They an ideal choice to buy as they work well with a wide range of phone systems.