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Jabra Pro 9465 Duo Wireless Headset View Details

Jabra Pro 9465 Duo Wireless Headset

$260.00 $384.00
Jabra PRO 9450 Wireless Headset View Details

Jabra PRO 9450 Wireless Headset

$220.00 $348.00
Jabra PRO 920 Mono Headset View Details

Jabra PRO 920 Mono Headset

$150.00 $285.00
Jabra PRO 9470 Wireless Headset View Details

Jabra PRO 9470 Wireless Headset

$265.00 $419.95

Jabra Headsets

Jabra headsets are one of the leading best sellers in the market form years. With unique design, outstanding comfort and ultra-convenience they are the best choice as personal and professional earphones. 

High Clarity to Hear

Jabra wireless headsets are mean to provide you the exceptional quality sound experience. They are engineered by the professional designer that considers the needs and usage of the people around the world and produce the best of the best. These headsets offer high definition sound via Bluetooth technology and designed for aptX HD formats. They can easily be connected with Bluetooth supporting devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Pcs. They are framed for the hours of smooth, natural and dynamic sound.
They are featured with the DECT technology that supplies pure sound without any distortion. Moreover, the 3 levels of noise cancellation make you hear what you want to hear. Noise-canceling technology has made communications far better before. They block out all the ambient noise that may interfere with your favorite music, movies or any other entertainment that requires clear listening. 

Efficiently Productive

They are designed to make you more productive in the long run. They provide you a complete strong connection so that your work never stops. They are available with cords of 3.5 mm connectors that can easily be connected with the compatible devices. Thanks to the latest technologies Jabra Bluetooth headsets allow the user to get connected without the use of cables. Hence the wireless headsets allow you to move freely around the place without missing the important calls. They enable you to move freely and look around the office work easily. The widespan frequency allows you to roam around the office taking calls alongside. The ergonomically designed 3D ear pads to minimize the external noise and provides complete sound isolation in the noise surrounding. 

Long-lasting Experience:

Jabra corded headsets are manufactured to accompany you for your lifetime experience. Whether you want to use them for the business purpose or for personal use they would never disappoint you in any case. They are built-in with amazing outclass styles. They are available in over the head, over the ear and in the ear style. They can be used as monaural (one-sided) and binaural (two-sided) style according to the usage and preference of the user. The 3D ball joint structure enables the headband and soft, push 3D ear pads to move freely in three dimensions at once for the ultimate fit around the head and ears. They are designed for the luxurious listening comfort no matter where ever you are. The high laser welding construction makes them more durable and stronger for use in the office environment.
They are integrated with a push or touch button that helps you to manage the most frequently used functions such as adjust the volume, make phone calls, answer or decline the calls with a single button.