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cc 520 Binaural Premium Headset View Details

cc 520 Binaural Premium Headset

$108.30 $170.00
Dual Sided USB Corded Headset View Details

Dual Sided USB Corded Headset

$147.61 $242.00
SC 260 USB MS II Headset View Details

SC 260 USB MS II Headset

$82.98 $107.95

Sennheiser Corded Headsets

Sennheiser corded headsets are manufactured with all the latest features that make them the most demanding headsets in the world of telecommunication. They are contented to deliver brilliant sound experience to their customers.   

Superior Sound Quality

Whether you are at home, office or at an outside place the distortion caused by the unwanted noise will never leave you alone. Thanks to the Sennheiser headsets that provide an excellent sound quality regardless of the place. They are engineered to provide you world-class sound with industry-leading noise cancellation technology. This technology eliminates all the background noises and makes your senses completely occupied with the audio sound. They provide you crystal clear conversation experience like never before. The communication is made more satisfying and reliable with the help of noise-canceling technology as the sound you hear is free of all the distortions. The microphones and speakers are highly developed to catch the natural vocals so you hear and make sure you are heard properly on the other end. This feature not only cancels out the outside noises from coming inside but does not let the inside voice to go out even at the maximum volumes. A person sitting next to you will not even get the whisper of what are you hearing or talking about. Security and protection are guaranteed.   

All-day Wearing Comfort

Corded headsets have a good attachment to the desk phone so that you do not feel any discomfort using them. They are made extremely light-weighted to make you feel relaxed and active towards the clients. They are made out of the best design to fit and adjust on to your head easily. The head rim is covered with the head pads that grips over the head hence increasing the attention and productivity of the agents. They are made flexible as the headband size can be adjusted easily. The microphones are integrated with a flexible boom arm that can be rotated to 360 degrees that is why it is called Free Spin. This gives you the opportunity to fully customize the headgear according to your choice. The soft foamy leather covers the ear cushions that reinforce the pressure evenly around the headset. They are designed to maintain a high level of focus towards the work and upgrade the quality of performance.     

Advance Smart Technology 

These headphones are made professionally with dual connectivity to Softphones, mobile, and PC. They are easily attached from one device to another with the help of the quick cable that can be connected to any of the devices. They are easy to connect and disconnect with the help of smart cable that allows you to connect with your mobile phones and enjoy the music out of your playlist. The use of advanced technology and special components make them certified to be used with Microsoft’s Skype for the business. They have been optimized for use with the end devices with low impedance such as handsets of some mobile DECT telephone system. They can be disconnected easily with the help of the standard connector.