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Plantronics ENCOREPRO Series Headsets are the best solution for handling the call network anywhere at any time. They are enhanced with the latest technology that is designed for the satisfaction of the customers and calling agents as well. They are meant to take your calling experience to the next level of success.

Outclass sound like never heard before:

Plantronics headsets are manufacturing quality products from the decade and never compromised on the quality of the sound. They are gaining the trust of their valuable customers by understanding the demands of the users.  The wideband audio delivers clear, premium sound quality that is never heard before. By integrating the advanced latest technologies into the earphones they are manufacturing the masterpiece for the people. They are prepared for the next generation with a custom microphone that reduces the background noise and interference ensuring that you do not miss the words and have a better calling experience. The DECT technology makes you have more natural sound to your ears just like a face to face conversation.
The flexible noise-canceling technology allows you to have an undistorted conversation. This technology makes sure that you hear what needs to be heard and make isolation around your ears by blocking all the background sounds.  They are designed to make the audio deliverance richer, clearer and reliable for better communication.

Elegant design for better performance

Plantronics corded headsets are engineered out of the best material to give you quality sound. They have laser-welded construction with durable joints that provide unbeatable toughness. They can bear the office environment conditions such as any sharp object and the chair wheels. They are available in two different styles binaural and single ear as well. They can be chosen according to the style that fits you easily. The single ear keeps you updated about the things that going on in the surrounding without compromising the call quality. Whereas the binaural style gives you proper control from both sides. They make you more focused and concentrated on the client. They are designed to give you amazing comfort from the start until the end of the shift.
They are made light weighted and highly adjustable to your wearing modes. They weigh only 74 grams thus you would not feel that you are wearing them on your head. The ear cups are cushioned with the leatherette foam padding that fits your ear contours easily. The microphone boom is easily adjustable and can be positioned to the place where you like.

Greater insights

These corded headsets can remotely monitor, manage and maintain audio devices. They are easy to use and easy to set up with different devices. They generate inventory and usage reports to streamline asset management. They are compatible with the DA90 adaptor audio processor. They are designed for the rigors of communication-intensive environments, minimizing operational disruptions and costly downtime. No more help backlogs, no more running from user to user for adjustments, fixes, and updates as they provide you the ease of management. They are ideal for telephone-intensive users, including formal customer care centers, help desks and telesales, and customer service organizations.