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Sennheiser Wireless Headsets

Escape into the perfect silence and enjoy the beats of the music with the most inspiring Sennheiser wireless headsets. They provide industry-leading audio sound without canceling out all the distortions that can affect productivity.    

Professional Quality Audio:

Sennheiser headsets are prepared to meet the future. They are built-in with the latest features that make them the first choice of the next generation regarding quality communication. Successful communication is the key to an efficient business. They have set new standards of sound quality with super wideband audio and high definition stereo sound. DECT technology provides security and a sound experience beyond conventional business standards. The microphone and speakers deliver exceptional sound to the ears even in noisy environments.

Escape the Noise:

These headphones have smart features that make seamless collaboration and communication with clients. They are super-efficient as the headset and base station control the easy call management. They are featured with the noise-canceling technology that eliminates all the unwanted noises at the background to provide you crystal clear conversation. They drop out all the unwanted noises such as the popping sound, Wi-Fi interference, and the breathing rhythms so that they do not provide the distortion during the calls. Furthermore, the busy light on the earphones helps the user to remain undisturbed during the calls as it signals your colleagues that you are busy with the clients. The lightweight and soft leatherette ear pads provide all-day wearing comfort to the agents.

Compatible with Your Devices:

These wireless headsets are compatible with a wide range of devices such as smartphones, laptop and desk phones. They can be used to switch over to the device you want to take the calls from. They provide maximum flexibility via base station as it works with all SDW 5000 headsets. You can have the choice to choose between the Sennheiser Bluetooth and a wired headset. They provide you the freedom to choose between the wearing styles. You can choose between three different wearing styles and moreover can have a one ear or two ear-side headgears according to your preference. They are extremely light weighted and provide the best comfort for wearing. The soft leatherette ear pads provide effective noise damping. They head rim is covered with the headband to provide you complete fit and grip over the hearing tool.  

Long-Lasting Battery:

These headphones are featured with outstanding long-lasting batteries that would not disappoint you at any place. They are tested and recommended for such headphones that are used for the long talking sessions and people earn money from that living. These batteries supply a full working day talk time up to 14 hours that is enough for one shift. They get 100% charged within the shortest time as they are integrated with fast charging processors. They get 50% charged in just 30 minutes. They go on to the power saving mode automatically to save the battery life when they are not in use. They are an ideal choice to buy and are portable to take away on travelling trips as well.