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Turtle Beach Corded Headsets

Turtle beach corded headsets are made to give you uncompromised sound performance with state of the art technology. They will give you a premium sound with noise cancellation technology. These headgears are in big demand in the world of telecommunication. They are highly comfortable and affordable for your best sound needs.

Surround Sound Ready to Hear:

Turtle Beach Headsets are built to provide you an excellent range of sound. They are available in a large range of corded and wireless varieties. They are featured with the world’s best technology that makes them different and unique than any other headgear. They are built-in for professional and personal usage according to the demand of the customers. They are built-in with the DECT technology that allows you to have amazing clear sounds that feel so natural to the ears. They work in a much greater range than any other technology. They allow you to have good performance. Furthermore, the Bluetooth technology makes you get connected with Bluetooth devices easily.
They can be connected with the Bluetooth supporting devices or with the help of a 3.5 mm jack. They can be connected with smartphones, tablets, and laptops easily to enjoy the music and calls.   They are featured with noise-canceling technology that makes you isolate with the call by canceling all sorts of background noises. They are prepared to make you have peaceful conversations with your clients and leave them satisfying.   

Multiplatform Compatible:

Corded headsets work best with Xbox one controllers with the 3.5 mm jack, PC and Mac. You can experience the impressive sound no matter wherever you are. They are compatible with all the devices to take calls and take the business to the successful levels. They allow you to have over the ears speakers with the unbeatable virtual surround sound and crystal clear chat. They have highly sensitive mics that ensure that you are heard loud and clear. They provide you the excellent and convenient control over the master volume and mic mute right at your fingertips. The speaker’s frequency response is about 20Hz to 20 kHz. 

Metal Reinforced Headband:

They are made more durable and reliable due to the use of quality material. The metal-reinforced headband provides a good grip to the head and makes you feel comfortable with the long calling sessions. They are made adjustable for easy wearing and do not disturb the people using the spectacles. They are made light-weighted to make you feel active and more concentrated towards the work. The superior 40mm over-ear speakers deliver amazing sound to make you understand what is said on the other end. The ear pads are covered with soft leather that makes you feel comfortable wearing them for long hours.