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Plantronics MS250 Corded Headset View Details

Plantronics MS250 Corded Headset

$145.00 $230.00
Plantronics Blackwire C435 USB Corded Headset View Details
Plantronics S12 Corded Headset View Details

Plantronics S12 Corded Headset

$70.00 $129.95

Plantronics Corded Headsets

Plantronics corded headsets are a reliable and affordable piece of hearing gadgets that would not leave you and your valuable customers disappointed. They are impressive to use due to their sturdy design, advanced technologies, and long battery life.

Easier Sound that Needs to be Heard:

Plantronics headsets are featured with dynamic sound quality to make you fall in love with the audio you hear. They completely immersed you into the rhythm of the music and isolate you from the environment to have a peaceful conversation. They are featured with DECT technology that enables us to hear quality sound blocking out all the unnecessary noises. They are highly recommended for the call centers and the customer care centers as they have to handle more calls than any other organization. It is important to hear and to be heard at the same time to have a productive conversation with the clients. Furthermore, they are featured with silver-coated oxygen-free copper cables designed to minimize the resistance and signal transmission. This enables you to listen to finer details and smoother treble sounds. 

Ultra Noise Cancellation:

These headphones are made with outstanding technology to enable you to have a peaceful conversation with your clients. As the office environment is mostly full of chatting and ringing bells thus it becomes difficult to concentrate on the work. These earphones are featured with noise-canceling technology that filters out all the unnecessary sounds in the background. The special acoustic filter controls the air resistance and eliminates all the noises so only clean, crisp frequencies get through. The microphones are highly sensitive to block out the breathing rhythms and catch the natural vocals only. They transmit the vocal as it is to the listener on the other end so that they understand completely what is said. These headsets are certified for the business Skype calls and webinars that need crystal clear sound to hear and to be heard.

Outstanding Comfort and Design:

Corded headsets are designed with absolute quality and performance under the supervision of professional designers. They are exceptional in their design and comfort if compared with other headsets. They are lovingly crafted with the finest components and manufacturing techniques to deliver exceptional sound quality. The quality material used is unbreakable and reliable for lifetime use. They are highly adjustable to different head sizes and can be wear in 3 different styles according to your preference. The ear pads are cushioned with soft foamy leather that provides a complete fit on the ears. They have soft and special gripping headbands that stay on your head without making you feel heavy. They are extremely light weighted so you can use them for the long calling sessions and enjoy hearing music while traveling. They are handy and come in the hard covering kit that makes them easy to take along.