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Turtle Beach Wireless Headsets

Thanks to near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth technology that have removed the need for the wired connections. Turtle Beach Wireless Headsets have given us the opportunity to feel the freedom and a stronger connection at the same time. The sleek design and long listening comfort make them the first priority for many official buyers.

Noise-Cancelling Technology:

Turtle Beach headsets are designed to give you dynamic sound experience like never before. They are featured with the outstanding latest technology that makes them the first choice for the real game players, music listeners and call agents. They are adapted to be used as professional as well as personal earphones. They are built-in with noise cancellation technology that makes them the first choice of every buyer. There is no match for them in their performance and design. The noise-canceling feature makes the user get isolated with the client as all the unwanted background noises are filtered out. As the gaming battle gets more suspicious, no distortion enables you to concentrate more and win it using your ingenious strategies. The peaceful environment increases your focus to look at all the aspects of the game and work out the best solution out of it.

The Freedom to Talk:

The wireless headsets provide you the freedom to talk and walk. They are one of those headphones that can be used with many devices due to its versatile functions. Now you can take your work along with you wherever you go. They are manufactured with the best quality material and provide you the freedom to talk even in the noisiest atmosphere. They make you stay connected with your devices and never miss an important call. They give you the sovereignty to go hands-free and do your other important task while talking on the phone. They are compatible with devices such as PC, smartphones, and tablets. They allow you to move around the place under the wideband frequency range that is mostly 330ft above. The outstanding technology ensures high-speed transmission without any distortion. They give you the choice to use them as your professional headset or listen to your favorite music at loud.

Quick Attention with a Touch of Fingers:

Whether you want to change the track, turn up/down the volume and take or make calls they are all under your control by the use of quick attention keys. These smart touchable buttons operate the frequently used functions at the touch of your finger. They even allow you to hear the ambient sounds by touching the right housing that automatically reduces the volume do you can hear a special announcement or answer someone asking you a question. They are made out of high-end material that is durable and reliable to use anywhere. They are convenient to use and carry as they are extremely light weighted. The ear pads are covered with the soft leatherette cushions that completely cover your ears and do not irritate the contours of your ears. They are stable to use in 3 different styles according to your preference. The busy light integration signals the people around you that you are busy on the call.