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cc 520 Binaural Premium Headset View Details

cc 520 Binaural Premium Headset

$108.30 $170.00
Dual Sided USB Corded Headset View Details

Dual Sided USB Corded Headset

$147.61 $242.00
SC 260 USB MS II Headset View Details

SC 260 USB MS II Headset

$82.98 $107.95

Sennheiser Headsets

Sennheiser headsets are one of the finest and quality products in the industry. They present high clarity and richness of the sound. They are simple and comfortable to be used to get better sound with excellent power to the ears. They are designed for personal, professional and for gamming purpose thus they represent one solution to all the problems related to the hearing. 

Premium Sound Quality

The headphones are built-in with all the latest features and components that lower the risk of early replacements. They are built in to give you quality sound like never heard before. Sennheiser wireless headsets provide an excellent soundstage which is very impressive to hear. They have good bass output, clarity and high frequencies that make them the best choice for the gamer and personal use as well. A gamer is never satisfied with the game unless or until he has got the best of the graphics visuals and ultimate high powerful sound. Thus these headsets are the best choice for such people as they provide quality sound that is never heard before. The noise cancellation quality allows you to have peaceful enjoyment of the audio without any distortion.
The noise cancellation technology eliminates all the background noises and only gives you the sound that is understood easily. The high frequency allows you to work your according to your pace you can roam around the place or make coffee without being disconnected from your device with the same quality of the sound.  


The amazing multiple connections make them the first choice as they are the one solution for all of your hearing needs. The Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets are the best performing headgears as they are can be easily connected with different devices. The Bluetooth technology enables you to have excellent sound quality that will not disappoint you at any place.  They can easily be connected with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Even they can be connected with the stereos to enjoy the best sound of your games. They are featured with the amazing sound qualities that would make you hear every minor detail as well. 

Better Design and Style

Are you an audiophile that wants to hear the best music? Sennheiser corded headsets are the one open-back design headphones. These are over-ear headphones with an open back, that give excellent sound quality. The standard 3.5mm version of the jack makes them an ideal choice for console gamers. They are manufactured out of the best material that is durable and reliable for long-lasting results. The cable is Kevlar reinforced which is flexible to use. They are really comfortable for long session calls in the office. The head rims are highly adjustable according to the head size. They are covered with the soft headbands which give you the perfect fitting for the long call sessions.
The ear cups are covered with the leatherette cushions that completely fit on the ears contours. They are highly comfortable to wear for the hours even without thinking about it. They are extremely light weighted and easy to carry with you for travelling in the case.