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VXI Wireless Headsets

VXI wireless headsets are the best choice for professional call centers as they provide superior voice performance throughout the day. They are presented with the latest techs to enhance the performance and connect you to the digital world.

Industry-Leading Noise Cancelling:

VXI headsets are the world's best choice for the professional users. They are designed to full fill all of your sound needs within one gadget. They are built-in with the advanced technology to last long. They are featured with industry-leading noise cancellation so that it maintains your concentration towards the work and gives you amazing output. They block out the background noises to make sure your conversations become distortion-free no matter what type of noisy environment you are handling. The busy light integrations signal your colleagues that you are busy with the clients and must not be disturbed. The microphones are free to move and can be adjusted to your mouth position. They are manufactured with the best design and style to be used in the world’s largest call centers.

Reliable All Day Conversation:

These earpieces are manufactured out of the best stainless steel material that is durable and strong enough to handle the tough environment of an office. After long researches and inspiration, they are made incredibly the best choice for human physiology. They are made extremely light-weighted to make you active and concentrated towards the voice. The rim is highly adjustable to the desired size and fits on the head with ease. They are made according to the fifth generation demands as the design is perfect for the all-day wearing. They have extra padding of silicone on the headband and the ear cup is made large with extra cushioned leather. They are made to enhance your hearing experience while you are on the road or in a busy office environment. 
They are featured with the voice-controlled call system that allows you to free your hands and works on the voice commands system. The commands can be given to activate the headset, control your calls, GPS directions and music operating. They are made to make you feel the freedom and lets you concentrate on the task in hand.

Quick control, the way you want:

These wireless headsets are designed to provide you full control over your hearing gadget. They provide you the freedom to roam around the office and do other tasks that need your physical presence without being disconnected from your devices. They let you customize your favorite features at the touch of a button. They have a speed dialer, mute and push to talk capabilities. These frequently used functions give you control over the calls and your device as well. They are easily connected with Bluetooth devices and has an operating range of up to 100 meters. 
They provide you an excellent connection for the conversation. They manage to provide you a talk time of about 24 hours with a long-lasting battery of capacity 380mA. With the easy and fast charging mode, they would never disappoint you at any place.