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Jabra Biz series headsets are built to survive in the high performing call center according to the desire of the agents to have a prosperous journey of success.

World-class Sound:

Jabra headsets are featured with advanced technology to bring the best sound to your ears. They are made to make to deliver lifelike conversations and higher customer satisfaction. They both can be accomplished with the help of the latest DECT Technology that provides natural sound to both ends. They are specially designed for the call centric environment that needs concentration and attention while communication. They provide HD voice transmission that makes you hear exactly the same tone and pitch in which something is said. This makes you clearly understand what the other party said and leave a satisfactory reply to them. The speakers reduce the ambient noise so you can focus on the call without being disturbed by the surrounding noise. The active noise canceling technology provides a peaceful environment to hear and to be heard. They are featured with Air Shock noise-canceling microphone that filters out sharp breathing sounds and popping noises often heard between the calls. 

Comfort to Enhance Productivity:

Corded headsets are prepared to provide all-day comfort to the agents and thus enhance the productivity of the business. They are made extremely light so you do not feel irritated or burdened by the weight. They provide a high level of comfort unobtrusive design means to lower agent fatigue and make more productive calls. The weight is as light as 49 grams in the mono version and 68 grams in duo style. They are highly adjustable over the head size with a headband that gives a complete grip and holds on to the head without any slipping over. Therefore you can move your head and enjoy any posture that you like. The microphone has a boom arm that can be rotated to 360 degrees to enjoy the Free Spin so that your voice is delivered in the same tone as you spoke. The ear cushions are covered with soft leather that completely fits and covers the ear. They also work as a seal towards the background noises and make you attentive towards the client.
They are featured with PeakStop technology that is introduced to remove sudden loud sounds or tones that may damage your ears. The sound above 118dB is filtered out before it enters your ear canal. Furthermore, the control unit lets you take the whole charge to change the volume, mute your calls and much more.

Headsets to Last Long:

Jabra corded headsets are professionally designed by keeping in consideration the needs of the contact centers and agents in mind. These headphones are the ideal choice to buy as they are a one-time investment for lifetime results. They are manufactured out of the excellent material that less down your replacements and proves productive for your team as well.