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Logitech Headsets

Working in an open workspace requires a lot of conversation and concentration that can easily be attained with the Logitech headsets. They are featured with the best sound qualities to make you feel the better-calling experience like never before.

Elevate your office Experience

Logitech wireless headsets are made to seamlessly switch between smartphones and computer. They are made wireless to give you the freedom to move around the place easily without getting disconnected from your devices. Their speaker’s frequency response is from 30-13kHz for the music and 100-8 kHz for the talk mode. They allow you to stay connected in the range of 100ft without any distortion in the communication. They are integrated with DECT technology that makes the sound hearing more clearly. They are a great choice for personal and professional use. These headsets are compatible with the common calling applications across all the platforms and operating systems. They can be connected with USB-A port or Bluetooth technology that makes them simple to handle.
They are featured with the active noise canceling technology that enables you to have the outstanding noises free conversation. They are integrated to make the communications as real as possible and natural just like a face to face conversation.

Elegant Design and Comfort

They are manufactured by highly qualified and professional designers who have gone through extensive research and test to make the finest hearing gadget. They are made extremely light weighted and highly adjustable according to your trends. They are available in a variety of styles and fitness for example from the mono to binaural headset. They have their head rim covered with padded headbands that gives you a secure and comfortable fit. The ear cups are made with the soft foam leather cushions that cover your ear as well as works as a seal from the background noises. They are made to enhance your focus and concentration without any distractions.
They are featured to reduce the unwanted ambient sound with wireless headsets. They are best for places such as offices, restaurants, and traffic where you have to face a lot of noise thus they allow you to take the sound control in your own hands.

Great for Music and Talking

Logitech corded headsets are mostly used with desk phones and for the people who want to get attached to their devices. These headgears without any doubt supply their users with the real sound. Whether they are sitting alone to watch the movie or chatting with their colleagues to have an official talk these headphones will never disappoint you. They are great to treat yourself with immersive sound when listening to music. They have been the fine-tuning headset for decades and their results are amazingly clear that they make you move with the rhythm. They are made to enhance the phone chats so that both ends can listen and speak clearly without any confusion.
The conference calls are made more productive with them as they are featured with voice sensitive microphones and speakers that only catches the real vocals and transmit them with the same pitch and echo. They isolate you from the environment and allows you to have clearer conversations.