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Jabra GN2125 Duo Corded Headset View Details

Jabra GN2125 Duo Corded Headset

$140.00 $172.00
Jabra GN2110 Corded Headset View Details

Jabra GN2110 Corded Headset

$110.00 $110.00

Jabra Corded Headsets

If you work in a busy environment, you need to hear the voice of your customer with better sound quality, therefore, Jabra corded headsets are the best choice for you. 

Rich Experience:

Jabra headsets are engineered under highly professional designers, who keep in concern the demands of the customers. They provide a comfort and perfect fit for the long call session and leave you to feel active at the end of the shift. They are featured to provide you HD voice that lets you have a natural conversation. They are built-in with DECT technology that helps you to have a natural sound. They do not allow you to struggle to hear what the other person is saying as they provide you the excellent crystal clear sound. The noise-canceling technology provides you distortion-free communication no matter wherever you are. They block out all the unwanted sounds and make you isolate with the person you are talking about. They make you hear and to be heard without any disappointment. 

Wear all day in Total Comfort:

These headphones are built to last in high performing contact center which means you need fewer headset replacements. This saves your total cost and increases the productivity of the agents by letting them experience the best headphones in the market. They design and style is made for better performances all day long. The reinforced cord is built to withstand the contact center environment. They are manufactured out of the quality material which protects the device against the office chair wheels, sharp objects, and daily use. The ear cushions are made out of the soft leather material that fits on to the ears without making you feel irritated. The leather is dermatologically tested and does not affect the skin for wearing long. The headband is highly adjustable to the size of the heads.
The microphones boom arm can be rotated to 360 degrees with zero risks of breaking that is why it is called FreeSpin. They are lighter than any other competent high-end headsets. They are featured with PeakStop technology that guards and save your ears from the loud sounds or tones before they reach your auditory organs. The sound above 118db is filtered out completely.

Power Back Up and Quick Charging: 

These corded headsets are built with amazing batteries that give you a long time working facility. They keep away the stress of losing the charging while working thus they give you a backup of more than 13 hours that is enough for a shift to go. Moreover, they are featured with fast charging that takes less time to get charged. Whether you have to go for the trip or have an important call on the go these headsets will never disappoint you to get shut off suddenly. They are infused with power-saving technology mode that starts automatically when they are not in use.