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Plantronics Savi W445 Wireless Headset

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USB Headsets

Headset manufacturing companies are now focused to produce USB headsets that can be connected to the USB port of the computer. This set up is more convenient to use as the sound is processed in the headset’s own sound system. This enables you to connect other devices to your computer.  

Seamless Connectivity:

There are leading companies that are manufacturing amazing products with this setup. Jabra headsets usb are one of the examples of these types of headphones. They are integrated with USB plug connectivity to replace the 3.5 mm headphone jack. They are built to take the sound quality to the superior level because of the more secure and stable connection. They are ideal for use with the computer to enjoy the quality sound without noise and distortion from the surrounding. They can easily be connected with different devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets and all such stereos that have USB plug port. Furthermore, in this regard, Plantronics headsets are the market choice for gaming, dictation and for VOIP telephonic unified communication.

Wide Range of Style and Design:

These headphones have three basic versions according to the demand of the users. Choosing the USB headsets over the telephone corded headsets means you have to choose it based on use. The first one is commonly found in the market and used by everyone, tow earpieces, and a microphone. They are good for the highest audio quality as it limits the interference created by the ambient noise or sounds that come from the surrounding. The second one is a monaural type USB headset with one ear and a microphone that is mostly used in the office environment. They are highly effective for people who are more mobile than others. They enable you to hear surroundings as well as stay connected with your clients as well. It is very light to wear with great stability. The other category of style is in-ear headphones, they are lightest among the other two and do not distract the user. They make you immerse in the sound completely. 
Feature to look in while using USB headsets:

Sound Quality

The clarity of the sound is one of the most important features of these wireless headsets. They are featured to give you the outstanding experience of the calls like never before.

Inline Control:

These headsets have their own control system that makes your work easier to do. They have their controls to answer/decline the calls adjust the volume or mute the call. The microphones are sensitive to hold the call which gives you good control over the communication. This makes you relax when taking important calls as you do not have to fiddle with the computer.   


As mentioned above the style and design is your choice. Everyone has their respective desire to carry their tools. They should not fatigue you after using it for long hours. These headsets give you the freedom to move around and stay connected within the device range.  They are featured with sound guard technology that protects your ears from damage occurred by the loud sound. 


The compatibility here refers to the computer and its software. They are not only compatible with the various operating system such as Microsoft or Apple but with software such as Skype, webinars or Lync.