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Panasonic handsets are used widely in the best organizations, offices, and homes. They are manufactured with the answering machine and now with LCDs that allows you to have a smooth conversation anywhere around the world.

Better Communications

Panasonic handsets are easy to use the based phone. They are durable and still the first choice for the landline at home or offices. They are integrated with highly contrast LCD that adjusts back and forth for maximum readability. They have illuminated keypad and buttons that easily seen in any landline telephone lightning conditions. They provide clear communication to both ends without any distortion. They are integrated with the noise reduction that automatically suppresses background interference while enhancing the voice tones. They offer you a clearer conversation without dropping or altering the calls. They are mean to make you hear what you want to hear. They are incredibly sensitive with built-in microphones that only catches the relevant voice and will transmit them as it is to the other end. The clarity of the sound makes you understand what queries of the other end are and makes you reply to them accordingly.

Easy Dialing:

They have large keypads that enable you to read the numbers and dial them easily. They are integrated with the dialing lighted-keypad that can be used in the darkroom or night time. They can hold up to 250 numbers with one touch to block calls on the base unit. They can easily be used for the 3 way conferencing calls to enhance the maximum call collaboration. They have a speakerphone that allows you to have open communications without holding the receiver. This gives you the freedom to enjoy the hand-free mobility with clear hearing. They are featured to make the calling experience more reliable and full of satisfaction just like face to face conversation.

Highly Manageable

These handsets are easy to use in the office and at home. They are designed to make handling and listening comfort. They are featured with Noise-cancelling technology that makes your calling experience more smooth and reliable. They are made senior-friendly as many of them have trouble looking at the small screens or keys so the system is improved with extra-large display and big buttons that make the calling easy for them. They do not require Ac power thus they can be placed at a side table or mounted on the wall. They have audio assistance that helps you listen to the number dialed and extra loud ringer so that a call is never missed. They have an inbuilt answer system that can be used to leave a message for your callers. 
They have a tilt screen view that gives a better display of the text. The phone directory can hold up to 100 names and numbers in the phonebook. The handset is compatible with 2.5mm jack. You can control the volume of the handset according to your listening demands and can hold and mute the calls with handy buttons.