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Plantronics Clarity P340 Handset View Details

Plantronics Clarity P340 Handset

$130.00 $149.95
Walker W3-500-PNH2-00 Handset View Details

Walker W3-500-PNH2-00 Handset

$115.00 $130.00
Walker W3-500PNH3-00 Handset View Details

Walker W3-500PNH3-00 Handset

$135.50 $168.50

Walker Handsets

Walker handsets provide you the best solutions for the calling experiences by providing quality products. They are manufactured for the customer care representatives to provide prompt, accurate answers and friendly services. Their products are demanded worldwide and thus making reliable bonds with the customers. They featured their devices with the best care thus fulfilling your telecommunication needs.    

Easy to Use Design: 

Walker handsets are designed with ease of use in even the tiniest details. The design is compact and handy to use. They are universal compatible amplified handsets. They are not dependent on the phone system as they have their own AC power adapter. The user can easily adjust the incoming receiver signals up to the 23dB of gain. The outgoing transmit signals are adjusted to higher gain values. They work under the best amplification with analog and digital technologies. They are manufactured to make your calling experiences more smooth and reliable. They are built-in with compatible microphones that catch your vocals and transmit them as it is without any distortion. The receiver is lightly weighted thus the holding hand doses not feel any fatigue and can continue on the long calls and commands.

High Sound Quality:

They are developed with the noise-canceling microphones. This noise-canceling technology provides no distortion during the calls and leaves your conversations satisfactory at the end. The Push-to-talk amplified handsets are designed with radio signal transmission. They are compatible to be used for the emergency, police dispatch radio and where 6-conductor cord is required. They provide you high-quality sound to make the listening easier in the environment with background noise and private conversations. They are featured to block unwanted background noises. They are built with a carbon transmitter that works at 8 Volts DC. They are highly manageable and affordable due to their easy setup.

Other Amazing Features:

These receivers are built with flexible buttons exclusively made for the main functions such as to mute and answer the call. They give you instant access to the intended function without having to press several button sequences. With these buttons, you can hold the line, call someone without memorizing the complicated steps. The back panels are made to give a tilting posture to the handset base and conceal the back terminals as well. This also helps to prevent dust and other foreign matter from entering into the terminal area causing the malfunction of the device. The earpieces are made with a long elastic cord that gives you a space to catch the nearest object without falling the base. This gives you greater comfort while talking on the phone.