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AT&T 1040 4-Line Phone Basic View Details

AT&T 1040 4-Line Phone Basic

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Corded Phones

Purchasing the right corded phones for your home or office need is a crucial task. People prefer to buy the corded phones as they are thought as more reliable and provide quality sound that matters. Here are the best brands that will give you seamless communication in terms of longer range.

Better Communication:

Panasonic corded phones are engineered with high-quality sound and audio sensitive components to make you hear and be heard. They have simplified the everyday calling by boosting the caller’s voice up to 50dB. The ringer volume is loud and comes in different ringtones that can be set to hear the call arriving wherever you are. You can set the voice tone to 6 levels. They are featured with noise-canceling technology that eliminates all the background noises and thus delivers you quality sound without any problem. They are to give you the best clear sound. They are highly recommended for home and office use. They are developed with the answer machines that can record the calls and your response for the callers. Like many others they have caller ID, answering machine, and speakerphone and backlit keypad as well.

Style and Design

They are made up to the mark of style and demand of the consumers. They have a sleek design and developed with the large soft buttons that give you complete control over the call. The flexible function keys allow you to take the whole charge of your calls. They are soft to touch and give a beep sound when pressed. You can redial and even mute the call according to your desire. They are built-in with Bluetooth technology to get connected with different devices to import or export the contacts. They are designed with a large LCD TFT color display to give you a view of what is being dialed or searched. Some of them have touchable LCD as well. They have a built-in phonebook that can hold more than 1000 numbers with their names.   


AT&T corded phones are made to last for a long time. They are manufactured out of the durable material that lasts for years. The cords are made with the fine soft and flexible material that allows you to stretch away from the base and catch a nearby file or a mug of coffee. The handle is made to catch the quality vocals and transmit a distortion-free voice to the other end. They are available in the black color that is more demandingly consumed. The feel and touch of these devices are very smooth and classy. These handsets can be placed on the table for office use or can be mounted on the wall as they have a changeable angle stand.