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Jabra pro series headsets are designed with elegant style and powered sound qualities that make them the bestselling product in the market. With being heard clearly and interference-free freedom they are the best choice for the people who make their living by the calling business.

High Definition Sound:

Experience the sound like never before with the Jabra headsets. The wireless DECT technology makes you practice the sound so natural to your ears.  Despite being wireless they are prepared to provide excellent sound without dropping the calls. You can answer and end the calls remotely while doing multitasking around the office. They are integrated with the specialized microphones which are very sensitive to the real vocals. The noise-canceling featured cancels out all the background noise no matter how noisy is the office environments and supplies you with a peaceful atmosphere to talk.
The conversation is made productive with outstanding sound quality. They enhance your focus and attention towards the clients and make a healthy connection. The busy light integration signals the colleagues that you are busy with the clients and makes a do not sign for the people in the surrounding. They have integrated with effective and efficient call controls do taking the calls, adjusting volume and muting voice transmissions.

Freedom to Talk:

Jabra wireless headsets are designed for the people that require a lot of mobility during their working hours but they need to take the calls on the move as well and stay connected with their devices. Therefore these headphones are an ideal choice for them. They increase the level of collaboration by being connected with desk phones. The digital signal processing (DSP) makes the calls more intelligible and lifelike. They are featured with a wide range of frequency that provided you the freedom to talk while you walk.
The Bluetooth technology makes you roam around the office under the 450ft. Despite being wireless these headsets would never disappoint you for a moment. As they are prepared with specially designed speakers and microphones they provide you excellent sound experience.
They are one solution to all of your hearing problems as they can be connected with different devices. They are easy to use and easy to set up with devices such as desk phones, mobiles, and tablets all at the same time. Without taking off the earpieces you can take multiple calls through the industrial leading headgears. 

Long-lasting Battery

These wireless headsets have an amazing battery that lives for a long and reliable time period. They are built-in with the lithium batteries that give you talk time up to 14 hours which accompanies noes you for the whole shift. They are highly capable to get charged fast up to 40% in just 15 minutes. They are a reliable choice while traveling as it takes away the stress of losing charging. They are manufactured by the quality material which makes them durable for all sorts of environments. The safe tone technology automatically counters the unexpected spikes in the volume and thus protects your ears out of the danger.