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Logitech Wireless Headsets

Logitech wireless headsets deliver clear stereo to the ears. They are designed with laser construction and noise-canceling microphones for clear calls no matter wherever you are. They are the one solution to your all hearing problem, much official organization recommends them as the best headsets for professional use. The elegant design, long wireless range and quality sound make them the best choice to invest.

Get immersed in the Sound:

Logitech headsets are engineered by professional designers by considering all the audio demands of the customers. They are built-in with the most advanced features to make your office experience more fruitful. They are featured with DECT and Bluetooth technology that makes you hear the natural sound from the other end. They are made to provide you excellent opportunity to have great conversation facilities even at the busiest place. The noise-canceling features make you completely isolate with the caller no matter what is going on in the surrounding. You will have a complete distortion-free conversation to make your clients satisfied. They are equally awesome to talk and hear your favorite music. Get yourself being immersed in the rhythmic beats of your song.

Active Collaboration:

These headphones work with common calling applications on almost all the platforms and operating systems. They are highly compatible to be connected with different devices such as laptops, PCs, and smartphones simultaneously. With the help of Bluetooth technology, they can be connected and disconnected easily. They supply you with a wide span of frequency range and make you hear clearly.  The wireless frequency range of 30 m (100 ft.) enables you to roam around while staying connected with the devices. They can be used effectively to make a transition between phone chats, video conferencing, and music throughout the day. This active collaboration makes you relax and easy as one device actively connects with multiple devices to make your acoustic performance productive. You can get connected with six other Logitech unifying wireless products by using the same USB receiver. The single receiver plugs into the USB-A port of your computer and provides a reliable connection into the range. Their mobile app gives you the excess of controls through your smartphone or tablets. You can check and monitor the connected devices effortlessly just with a touch on your mobile screen.

Improved Comfort:

The wireless headsets are designed to give freedom from the entangling of wires. They are wireless mode gives you the freedom of mobility without being disconnected from the desk phones. The outstanding design has an improved structure and comfort level. They are made extremely light weighted with silicone padding headband so you do not feel the heaviness on your head. They are made deliberately for all-day office use with an adjustable rim that gives you the perfect fit so that you may forget that you are wearing a device on your head. The soft leatherette ear pads are designed to fit on your ears contour without irritating the skin. They are breathable to avoid your ears from getting hot and provides a seal to block background noises. They are built for high performance so you get focused for the whole day and be productive for the business.