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Plantronics Clarity P340 Handset View Details

Plantronics Clarity P340 Handset

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Many products in our life are irreplaceable even after the arrival of the new technologies. People find comfort and convenience in using them just like the handsets. Many homes, offices, and restaurants use walker handset to talk to the callers. They are found beneficial for domestic and commercial use as they are considered as the professional working equipment. They are free from the perspective of changing the ear cushions and replacing cables which are mostly seen in other headsets.

Improve the Clarity and Audio of your Calls:

Panasonic handsets are manufactured out of the best material and featured with amazing sound technology. These receivers provide excellent sound no matter what surrounding you are having. They block out all the background noises and provide you quality sound. They are featured with large dial pads that can be easily seen by the elderly person and give a beep sound when pressed. They are made to use easily and hear properly. They are programmed to ring at a good sound with different ringtones that can be set according to your requirements. They can be set in the silent mode when not to take the calls. All the advanced features are infused to make your telecommunication sound better and clear.

Excellent Connectivity:

Clarity handsets provide excellent connectivity with the other handsets and thus can be used for the conference call support. They are compatible with the XML application interface and can be configured with plug and play mode. They can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall. They are compatible with Broadsoft UC one. They are available in the range of cord as well as cordless handsets. They have a wide broadband frequency that works excellent without any distortion during the calls. They are made with an Acoustic echo cancellation feature that saves from doubling of your voice and thus provide a crystal clear voice transfer. They are featured with display LCD that shows the number as well the name of the caller. They provide a readable display.   

Other Features:

You can select the color, price range and other features of Cortelco handsets according to your requirements. They are made interactive and compatible with easily accessible communications anywhere at any time. They are made of the highest quality material that is why they are durable and can behold on an accidental fall. They are featured with an extensive phonebook that can hold more than 100 contacts with their names and numbers. They can be connected with a separate power supply to form an almost endless variety of stand-alone intercoms or emergency communication links. They are ideal for elevators, building entries, lobbies and other places for the security applications.