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Jabra engage series headsets are made for professional and personal use. They are made with advanced technology to fulfill all of your hearing needs.

Superior Quality sound on the Move:

Jabra headsets are engineered with calls on the move solution. They are ideal for the people who work with a high degree of mobility outside the office. They are built to make calls on the move while driving from one meeting to the next or moving to another location. The DECT technology makes it possible to have a natural conversation on the move just like having a face to face conversation.  They are manufactured to provide you superior call quality with the multi-device connectivity. They provide you dynamic power boosted music experience for real music lovers.
These headphones have advanced active noise cancellation technology that makes your hearing process more peaceful than ever. This technology allows you to block out all the background noises that may cause a problem during the conversation. The speakers and microphones are highly adaptive to catch the natural vocals and transmit them as it is to the other end.    

Comfort and Satisfaction:

The wireless headsets are made with high inspiration and recommendation of the professional designers to protect and preserve your natural auditory organs. They are made with the SafeGuard technology that helps to protect your ears against the high pitched sounds.  They are available in 3 different wearing styles according to your ease with over the ear, in the ear and over the head style. They are made efficiently light weighted so that you do not feel tired after the long call sessions. The ear cushions are made with soft leather material that does not irritate the skin and fits completely onto the contours of the ears. They also work as the sealers towards the background sounds. They are integrated with a busy light system that shows that you are active on the calls with the clients. The handy touchable buttons allow your access towards the frequently used functions such as answer/decline calls, mute and volume up/down. 

Better Concentration and Collaboration:

Jabra wireless headsets are made with task-based solutions for back-office functions such as marketing, R&D, supply chain, etc. They are designed to make you fully concentrate on the work and thus achieve your goals. They are made to make you attentive with a high degree of motivation. They are made to get into the conference calls with colleagues and external clients through an online-based collaboration. They are made to make you go hands-free with the wide span of the frequency range. They are developed with a range of 330ft which makes you keep an eye over the other matters of the office without being disconnected from the desk.