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Logitech Corded Headsets

Logitech corded headset is the best choice for all operating systems as they are easy to use and easy to set up. Simple in design and dominant black color makes them an ideal investment. With the 3 years warranty from the manufacturer, they cancel out the stress of early replacements. Experience the brilliant amazing sound like never before.

Crystal Clear Audio:

Logitech headsets are the best in delivering the world-class sound. They can be used for the professional as well as for personal use. They deliver you the full stereo for the crisp clear voice and video calls, music, games and much more. They are the essential headphones for your hearing aids. They provide you crystal clear sound with noise-canceling technology. This technology allows you to hear what is meant to hear and make sure that you get heard across with the same clarity. All the usual distortions and unwanted noises are blocked away to make you have a smooth conversation with your clients. The DECT technology enables you to enjoy enhanced digital stereo sound. The convenient inline controls on the headsets cord make you adjust the volume or mute the calls without disruption. They are certified to be used for the business Skype calls and webinars. Enjoy the real sound with peace of mind.

Versatile Connection:

These headphones are built-in with the outstanding connections which work with common calling applications across almost all the platforms and operating systems. The 3.5 mm jack and USB-A connections make it easy to plug in and play to enjoy the conversations, movies or music in rich stereo sound.  They can easily be connected with the 3.5 port audio jack connected to your computer, tablet or smartphone. The inline controls let you control the volume or mute the calls without disruption. The speakers and microphones are highly adapted to give you excellent vocals without any distortion. The rotating microphone boom can be rotated 180 degrees to be worn on the left or right. The flexible mic can be positioned according to your desired position for better voice capture and noise reduction. They can be aligned to the head rim when not in use. They are designed to make you hear and to be heard properly. 

Unbelievable Comfort:

They are designed to provide you amazing ease for the all-day conversation. The comfort is the key to use any hearing gadget. These corded headsets are made with an amazing comfort level and easy to use phenomena. They are lightly weighted to minimize the fatigue of everyday use. The design is very eye-catching and gives the concentration and more focus on the agents so they can have reliable communication. They are constructed with laser bonding to make them durable and strengthen the office environments. The head rim is padded with a headband to give you complete fit and grip over your tool. They are available in different wearing styles according to your desire. The ear cups are made with soft foamy leatherette that makes you fall in love with these earpieces.