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Jabra Evolve series headsets are designed according to the demands of the customers. They are featured with exclusive functions to take your business to the next levels. They are the world’s most powerful professional headset id compared with any other headphones. 

Hear without Fear:

Jabra headsets are engineered under the professional designers to make give to industry-leading top performance and density. They are made to make you hear without any fear. They are built-in with outstanding hearing components that would take your calling experience to the next level. These series headsets are the most demanding in the market because of their advanced technology. They are built-in under the DECT technology that gives a professional experience to your calls. Whether you get a call in a busy restaurant or the traffic you can still manage to hear the call due to its noise-canceling technology. This technology works to eliminate all the background noises and give you a peaceful environment to listen to your clients or loved ones. They provide you a noiseless conversation to be heard and understood properly. The speakers and microphones are highly adaptive to the environment as they block out all the unwanted noises for a crystal clear call session.

Gear up your Connectivity:

The wireless headsets are made to enjoy the superior sound quality even in the busy office atmosphere. They are featured with Bluetooth connectivity that is so strong that it gives you an unimaginable calling experience. They are made to be connected to up to two devices at once. You can connect to the smartphone and desk phone at the same time. They can be connected with other Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops for dealing with your business Skype calls without any distortion. They have modern bass and small footprints which makes them easy to use. They are featured with the one-touch button for answer, end and mute the call functionally. They have connectivity indicators on them that show you engage with the clients. They have power booster batteries that get charged easily and supply you with an amazing talk time of more than 10 hours. The power-saving technology saves the battery when the headphones not in use.

Incredible Performance:

Jabra wireless headsets are made to improve your performance on a daily basis. The wireless compatibility allows you to get connected with your devices without any problem. They are made out of the quality material that is durable and reliable for years, therefore, it saves the cost of early replacement. They are made strong with laser construction to endure the accidental falls in the office, protected from the sharp objects and wheels of the office chairs. They are made light-weighted to be worn on for the long calling sessions.