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Yealink YEA-PS-T2S View Details

Yealink YEA-PS-T2S

$3.45 $6.00
Yealink YEA-WMB-T48 View Details

Yealink YEA-WMB-T48

$6.00 $11.00
Yealink YEA-HNDST5 View Details

Yealink YEA-HNDST5

$17.00 $30.00
Yealink YEA-SIP-T21 View Details

Yealink YEA-SIP-T21

$43.00 $74.00
Yealink YEA-CPW90 View Details

Yealink YEA-CPW90

$151.00 $200.00
Yealink YEA-HC-T27-T29 View Details

Yealink YEA-HC-T27-T29

$2.00 $5.00
Yealink YEA-RT20U View Details

Yealink YEA-RT20U

$106.00 $185.00
Yealink YEA-CPN10 View Details

Yealink YEA-CPN10

$16.00 $20.00
Yealink YEA-HNDST6 View Details

Yealink YEA-HNDST6

$17.00 $30.00
Yealink YEA-HNDST7 View Details

Yealink YEA-HNDST7

$17.00 $30.00
Yealink YEA-STAND-T48 View Details

Yealink YEA-STAND-T48

$6.00 $10.00
Yealink YEA-STAND-T4S View Details


$6.00 $10.00
Yealink YEA-STAND-T46 View Details

Yealink YEA-STAND-T46

$6.00 $10.00
Yealink YEA-WMB-T2S View Details

Yealink YEA-WMB-T2S

$6.00 $11.00

Yealink Phones

Yealink is the name of a brand that is providing its customers with advanced technology sound devices to enhance the performance of the users and the business as well.

Quality Communication:

The Yealink hearing devices are trendy and highly efficient to use anytime anywhere. They are featured with the best audio devices to make all distortion vanish from the telecommunication. They are optimized to provide the customers with high definition sound quality and so both ends get satisfied at the end of the call session. The all-new smart media phones enable you to have productivity-enhancing communication with the ease of use.
The features are highly updated to make your conversation experience far better than before. The HD quality sound, noise cancellation technology, mute, transfer, redial and message are some of those features that make you fall in love with these phones. The headsets are designed under the professional designers to make the user tension free and take the calls actively and happily. 

Conference Your Calls:

Yealink corded phones are made to increase the productivity of your conversations. They are engineered to conference with other headsets to increase your collaboration with other ends. The sound quality is never compromised over increasing networking. You can even record the calls as they allow 3 way conferencing.
The volume control is in your hands as they have a soft button to up and down the volume. The wideband frequency allows you to enjoy the strong connection with the other end regardless of where you move. They make you go hands-free so you can do other work and handle the things just your way.

Increase Your Directory:

Yealink handsets are built-in with a phonebook that can take up to more than 100 entries. They can be stored with their names and extra space for adding more than one number of the same person. Increasing your directory means you are increasing your communications which are worthwhile for the business.
They are featured with blacklist and smart dialing options as well. You can search for the contact in the phonebook and even import/export the contacts easily. Missed a call so never worry about as the calls are synchronized to keep you update about the dialed/received/missed and forwarded calls.