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Clarity Walker PTS-500-OP3-00 Push-To-Signal 6-Wire Telephone Handsets For Radio Dispatch

$129.95 $69.95 Discount: $60.00
SKU: 50294.001
Everyone deserves to comfort whenever they make calls. Although this depends on the quality of the handset used, one can still get quality device to enhance quality of calls. There are quite a lot of handsets in the market today but the Walker PTS-500-OP3-00 PTS 6 wire handset for radio dispatch is exceptional. This device is made of the highest quality of components that make it capable of withstanding the most demanding of conditions. This device is unique. It allows users to perform special phone functions which include switching to a 2-way radio in a special way. This handset has everything that will make communication easy for everyone. It is designed for comfort and durability with two years limited warranty. The PTS-500-OP3-00 PTS 6 wire handset for radio dispatch is very reliable. It is manufactured in the United States of America with the finest of component. It is very obvious that the manufacturers of this device gave more preference to durability when making the product. The handset is hard wired with a special coil cable that is 9 foot long. It also ends in a dual Prong plug. The PTS 500 OP3 is also designed to let users initiate and receive calls anywhere, even in a noisy environment. It has a noise cancelling technology and it also comes with a special price tag.
More Information:
  • Push-to-Signal (PTS) Initiates radio signal transmission
  • The PTS is for radios, FAA, dispatch consoles or where 6-conductor cord is required.
  • OP3 - 9 Foot coil cord, hardwired with a 6-wire dual prong plug
  • CRBN Carbon Transmitter - 8 Volts DC
  • PTS500OP3 Color: 00 Black
  • More Information: PTS500OP3 50294.001 CAGE# 354C2
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