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SKU: VK-E-1600A


  • The VK-E-1600A is an item that meets ADA requirements present for elevator or emergency telephones.
  • This device will automatically light the handy “Call Connected” LED for your benefit, it can send a unique location type of ID code or also voice announcement. For the visually impaired there is the Grade 2 Braille label.
  • This device can be programmed from your touch-tone phone as well.
  • 5 programmable emergency numbers is how many this emergency phone can dial up to. Also 2 central station numbers can also be dialed.
  • This emergency phone is able to be programmed in such a way to automatically give a digital announcement that will identify the location from where the emergency call is coming.
  • On top of this, a DTMF touch tone type of code may actually also be delivered.
  • When it comes to a “Call Connected” LED, this can be initiated both manually or automatically.
  • If you are wondering where all programming parameters, such as phone numbers as well as location numbers get stored, this is in non-volatile memory.
  • You should know that this emergency phone is phone line powered. It does not need batteries and also external power.
  • The VK-E-1600A is compatible when it comes to common kind of Central Station Monitoring equipment.
  • If you are interested in the Automatic Noise Cancelling or ANC feature, you will get this with the E-1600A. This feature is there to provide clear audio when in noisy type of environments.
  • Hands Free operation is present with the E-1600A.
  • This emergency phone is phone line powered.
  • It is remotely programmable for your ease.
  • The useful advanced call progress detection feature is present.
  • If you wish to use this item for outdoor installations in a place where it will encounter precipitation and condensation, then you may want to consider getting the E-1600A-EWP model. This model has the Enhanced Weather Protection or EWP feature.
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