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Clarity Walker PTM-500M-00 Unamplified Telephone Handsets

$43.50 $34.50 Discount: $9.00
The success of any business or organization partly depends on how effective its communication is with her clients. That is why companies especially those working in busy environments go for high quality telephone handsets like the famous Walker handsets. To enjoy excellent communication, the Walker PTM-500M-00 Unamplified Telephone Handsets has been improved upon to make communication more enjoyable. This type of Push to mute telephone handset is often used in sales applications such as brokerage as well as stock exchange companies where calls are frequently made. It is carbon compatible and also designed with features that will let you enjoy excellent communication. And even in busy and noisy environments, you can still make calls with the background noise interfering. Unlike other handsets, the Walker PTM-500M-00 Unamplified Telephone Handsets is very reliable. This device is made with the finest of components to consistently offer excellent call quality. It is also highly durable and can withstand any condition.
Walker PTM-500M Push to mute handset often used in sales applications like a brokerage or insurance company.
  • Push-to-Mute (PTM) Disengages (mutes) the transmitter
  • Carbon compatible electret microphone element designed into a amplified circuit to act as a Carbon without variations
  • PTM500M Color: 00 Black
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