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Plantronics Headset - SDS1031-03 Corded Headset

$500.00 $280.50 Discount: $219.50
SKU: 91031-01


  •   If you need a special over-the-head kind of headset that will suit your budget, then the Headset - SDS1031-03 handset is a wise choice. This headset is one of the special over-the-headset types of headset that comes with a pocket-friendly price tag. It also comes with features that will make your communication more enjoyable. With an amplifier for enhanced volume this device is also suitable for people who have challenges with their hearing. The SDS1031-03 comes with a unique push-to-talk-switch. It also has a dynamic microphone that makes it possible for other people to hear you clearly. The Headset - SDS1031-03 handset has a two independent receiver channels. In addition to all these features, the length of the cord also makes the product more unique. It has a 15 foot cord length to let you enjoy proper connection. The Headset - SDS1031-03 handset is also properly wired to consistently deliver quality sound and volume control. The device is also made of the highest quality of materials to withstand any condition or environment.
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