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Polycom OBI 302 Voice Adapter USB 2 FXS ATA

$110.00 $70.00 Discount: $40.00
SKU: PY-2200-49532-001


  • VoIP adapter that connects up to 2 analog phones or fax machines to VoIP services from a Polycom partnerc
  • Help home offices maximize current analog investment by keeping up to two analog phones or fax machines and connect them to VoIP services
  • Supports T.38 fax standard so home office users can send or receive reliable facsimile calls over the Internet
  • Prioritizes phone calls above other internet traffic to ensure your customer clearly hears every important word on up to two simultaneous calls
  • Users can multitask by faxing and talking on the phone at the same time
  • The only analog telephone adapters that supports optional WiFi accessory to expand phone placement locations
  • USB Bluetooth accessory pairs a user’s mobile phone so they can place and answer calls using analog phones
  • Save time and hassle by configuring the device without laying a finger on it.
  • Provision the device to meet your customer specifications
  • Update devices from anyplace with a connection to the Internet.
  • Provide best in class support to your customers
  • Quickly identify issues and remotely troubleshoot devices.


  • Accessories Yes
  • Max Number of Expandable Handsets 1
  • Rangemeters
  • Color Blue
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