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  • Answers promptly and also courteously.
  • It can professionally greet and also process your calls.
  • You will get the bilingual mode that gives menu selection specifically in two languages.
  • It is able to process nearly four calls per minute (it is stackable for greater capacity).
  • There are separate announcements present for greeting/menu, confirmation as well as busy message.
  • This unit is compatible with Centrex, Key, PABX, as well as Hybrid and also other systems.
  • The remote or local recording option is present.
  • It can store till (9) 16 digit speed dial numbers plus (1) 32 digit number.
  • It blocks 8+ and also 9+ dialing.
  • Programmable ring delay is available.
  • Record announcements particularly with a useful standard carbon handset or even tape player.
  • You will get the touch tone interruptible announcement feature.
  • CPC disconnect detection feature.
  • Programmable hookswitch flash timing is available.
  • It lets callers to be able to route themselves, using a touch tone phone particularly to an extension or even department.
  • It is possible for callers to interrupt the message whenever they want by simply dialing a single digit or even extension.
  • Those callers who do not have a touch tone phone tend to default to some live attendant.
  • This unit tends to be a single-port type of Automated Attendant that has a handy user recordable digital voice announcer.
  • You will get one minute of handy non-volatile digital memory that will give a greeting along with a menu consisting of a maximum of 10 departments or also extensions.
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