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SKU: VK-W-3000-EWP


  •  Viking vandal resistant faceplate.
  •  This product is a 14 gauge stainless steel faceplate.
  •  It has enhanced weather protection features to allow it to be safe in different weathers.
  •  To make it stronger there is a heavy-duty type of metal push button along with mounting gasket. The mounting gasket is there for your ease.
  •  There is the option of flush mount employing the included rough-in box. Surface mount is also there employing an optional VE-5x5 backbox.
  •  You will get yellow call progress or night light LED to make it easier to use at night.
  •  To enhance the volume there is a new high output speaker amplifier having volume adjustment POT. You can adjust the volume according to your needs.
  •  There is also a microphone volume adjustment POT.
  •  The talk battery is 24 volt.
  •  There is a 20 Hz ring generator (the ring load maximum is 3.0 REN).
  •  You can select rings with the selectable number of rings option i.e. 2 3 10 or 30.
  •  There is also selectable ring cadence i.e. standard or also 2 short rings.
  •  If you need to use this product in a noisy environment, you have the option of selectable “Push-To-Talk” option.
  •  The extended operating temperature range is 15? to 130?.
  •  For easy wiring there is a compact 45° terminal strip.
  •  Features are sold individually.
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