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AT&T 1040 4-Line Phone Basic View Details

AT&T 1040 4-Line Phone Basic

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Phones are the classic invention of the time as they have given the telecommunication a new turn. With several types of phone types, they have enabled us to see, hear and make calls with ease. The built-in phonebooks allow you to store the contacts that you never want to lose. The HD sound quality and extra features have made the calling experience effortless and simpler for everyone to use. 

Hear Clearly who is Calling

Corded phones are still the first choice for many organizations as they are easier and reliable to use. These robust and reliable telephone sets complement your landline connection thus providing crystal clear voice quality. The caller ID and answering machine allows you to have an unmatched connection with your customers. The noise-canceling integration allows you to have no background sound that can cause distortion during the conversations.  The noise cancelation technology allows you to have a peaceful conversation without any distortion. This makes you hear what is said on the other end and in return give a satisfactory answer to the listener. They can be used in the city streets or inside a raucous room as the noise reduction automatically suppresses the background interference while enhancing the voice tones for clearer and comfortable conversation.

One-touch call Block

With the dedicated buttons, you can easily block the call on the base unit and handsets. This feature enables you to block unwanted calls like block telemarketers, robocallers and others, this can be done easily even when the phone is ringing or you are talking on the call. A simple push on the base unit allows you to register the unwanted calls into the block list. Even you can manually register the number into the call block database. The cordless phones allow you the freedom to move around the home and office. They free you from the wires that keep you restricted to one place. With their widespan of frequency bands 2.4 GHz you can hear a quality sound. They are featured with long-lasting batteries so that you can enjoy the maximum talk time of about 10 hours.  The battery has a 6 days stand time. They can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall according to your convenience.

Total control in your Hands

With a sleek, multi-function base unit they allow you to have the convenience for home and office calls. They can store more than 200 caller names and contacts. The phonebook has enough space to tackle more than one number of the same caller. When a call comes the handset will announce the name of the caller. Three one-touch dial pads are ideal for the frequently called numbers. They are integrated with the large soft dial pads that make the calling experience easier for the senior-aged fellows. Instead of the beep of the dialed number the dialer would hear the dialed number which makes it more convenient to dial the correct number.