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Jabra GN2125 Duo Corded Headset View Details

Jabra GN2125 Duo Corded Headset

$140.00 $172.00
Jabra GN2110 Corded Headset View Details

Jabra GN2110 Corded Headset

$110.00 $110.00
Jabra Evolve 30 UC Mono Corded Headset View Details

Jabra Evolve 30 UC Mono Corded Headset

$89.00 $120.00
Jabra office headsets are perfect for those who need to avoid disruptive noise in the busy office environment. They are highly light-weighted to make you feel active and fresh at the end of the shift. 

Boost your Concentration:

These are the best office headsets that will improve your concentration in the open office. As the office environment is mostly busy and full of the private chats that are going on all around all the time thus focusing becomes a challenge for the agents. Whether you work in a call center or a customer service office where you have to deal with a lot of calls these headgears are built to hence your productivity. The noise cancellation technology allows you to have your own isolated zone free from all the background noises. Due to this technology, these headsets eliminate all the background distortion to give you crystal clear calling experience.
They maintain your focus in such environments so that you hear clearly what is said on the other side.  The active noise cancellation virtually eliminates low-frequency sounds, for example, the rhythm of breathing and the hum of the air conditioning. The advanced microphones only catch the natural vocals and decrease the ambient noise. 

Stylish Headsets Improve Productivity:

Jabra headsets are perfect for those who need to avoid disruptive noise and have to move around the workplace. These headsets are engineered by professional designers who keenly observe the needs of the customers. They are made out of the best material which makes it durable for the office surrounding. The seamless style makes it more demanding for everyone. They are featured to provide you HD voice heard on both ends on the phone. They are compatible with all devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. They are infused with Bluetooth technology that can be easily connected and make you go hands-free. They provide you the excellent wideband frequency that allows you to move around the office and stay connected with your devices and never miss an important call due to distance. They can be optimized for use with all leading desk phones. They can be used all day around the office with 8 hours of battery life and fast charging.  

Outstanding Comfort:

These intuitive headsets are manufactured with fine soft leatherette cushions that completely fits on the ear. They are available in 3 different wearing styles and can be chosen between binaural and monaural design according to your requirements. They are available in on-the-ear and over the ear style that makes you fully engage with the customers. They are light weighted for all-day use with superior comfort for the open office environment. They are integrated with special ‘busy light’ that turns red to let your colleagues that you are busy on the phone. You can turn it off manually when you are available to hear others.