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Apple Likely to Launch its very own AR Device in 2022

Apple, the technology giant company, has finally decided to step into wireless headsets manufacturing, AR devices to be exact. Since 2015, there had been rumors that the company will launch its very own augmented reality devices. In 2017, Apple announced to launch ARKit at WWDC that made it crystal clear that the tech giant is into AR business now. 
The first lot of augmented reality headsets of Apple are expected to hit the market in 2022 at the earliest. There are several reports on the internet from credible sources that the company is working eagerly to speed up the necessary work for Apple glass, the name of the AR device of Apple.
The reports on the internet say that apple’s device will be similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest, but a few modifications or changes in the design are expected. Moreover, the upcoming device will be a combination of AR and VR, making it a complete package of wireless headset or audio/ video aiding device. This device could be used for entertainment, communication, and gaming purposes alike.
The device is expected to have high-resolution display features that would be compatible with the iPhone and other gadgets of Apple. The software of the device is likely to be realityOS (rOS).

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