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Details About Upcoming Crossover Of Pubg And League Of Legends

PUBG mobile is one of the most popular games in the history of the gaming industry. It is the reason why Sennheiser headsets for gaming and a lot of other gaming accessories are becoming very common. It is famous for its collaboration with movies, events, cultural festivals, and even with celebrities like singers and actors. Krafton has done some good stuff with the game. If you look at the theme of the game, it has not changed. There are still all of the modes on which PUBG was always based. Battle Royale, TDM, old maps, and many other things are still the same. But with every new update or collaboration, they start a new event that is available for the players for a short interval. But the purpose, which is the promotion of the game, can be done pretty effectively.

PUBG uploaded a video leak on its Twitter account on the past Tuesday. In that video, they have shown that they are making a collaboration event with League of Legends and Arcane. This event will be starting on November 16th, 2021, and will remain in the game for almost a whole month. The short teaser that they uploaded only shows a little bit of information. The teaser is just a promotional video with characters and fighting scenes that are created animatedly. There is nothing discrete or distinctive in the video on how the gameplay or lobby will look during the event. It is basically a trailer in which PUBG has emerged the scenes from Arcane's stylized trailers and its own gameplay and old characters.

Rumors About Anna:

Anna will be an upcoming character in PUBG mobile, which is originally from Arcane League of Legends. It is just like that time when PUBG had done a collaboration with The Walking Dead and introduced the skin of Daryl which is one of the main characters of the series. If Anna is going to be a character like Carlo, Andy, Sara, and Victor, then surely the gamers can have some idea about her. There will be different dress skins, emotes, victory videos, and upgrades just like they have on different characters as you increase their levels. As Arcane mostly proposes animated stuff, which is quite different from the realistic features, you can also consider Anna as an anime character. If Anna is not a permanent character, gamers can find her in special crates or featured events.

Connection With C1S3:

The date of the M5 Royale Pass has also been announced by PUBG mobile, which is November 18th at 7:30 AM. This season will bring a lot of accessories like a backpack, Helmet skin, Plane Skin, New emotes, Mythic dress, Headgears, and Gun Skins. As the event with League of Legends is going to happen on November 16th, then there should be a relation between it and the Royale Pass. The pass can be based on the theme of the event, or the characters about which you are hearing will be on the Royale Pass. There can be skins for PUBG gamers that come from League of legends. There will be updates in the visual graphics of the game as both have separate visual presentations. However, even if you have read completely about the collaboration, still PUBG has the element of Surprise, which can amaze the users.

New Game Mode:

It is obvious that in the collaboration of Arcane and PUBG mobile, there will be a new model. If you go a little back, when PUBG collaborated with the Movie Godzilla vs. Kong, they introduced a mode which was called the last stand. That was a mode that looked like a story mode or theme-based. PUBG developers can do the same with league of legends as well. They can introduce a new game mode in which they create a visualization of both games and their similar characteristics. However, if you are an old PUBG lover, you will probably just skip the mode and play the old classic match. Krafton has also stated that PUBG is going to have its own animated series, so you can say that this upcoming collaboration can be the base of that series.

This collaboration can increase the file sizes and graphical features of the game. With every update, the size of the main file and its components gets a lot of increase regarding data. But what PUBG is announcing is that this rivalry or siblings collaboration will be a great event for the lovers of this game. Plus, you have to remain updated with the new version of the game even if you do not want to do that. But according to rumors and leaks, the hype of this event and collaboration is actually looking very real and amazing. So just get your top gaming pc headsets, mechanical keyboards, or mobile phones ready for the upcoming update.

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