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Best AirPods Prices: Get AirPods and AirPods Pro for a Low Price

If you're an Airpods lover and can't get the AirPods Max for $ 549, you can currently buy the AirPods Pro for just $ 199, while the standard AirPods with a wired charging case cost $ 129.

There are a few more deals to be made, so consider a bit of charm for the New Year. Standard AirPods are no longer the lowest in history at $ 99, but you can still buy them for $ 129. Want it with a wireless charging case? It currently costs $ 160, which saves you $ 39 compared to the Apple Store. You can also buy AirPods Pro from Amazon and Walmart for $ 199 ($50 saving).

Just a few weeks ago, the new AirPods Max arrived in town as Apple's first full-size noise-canceling headset at $ 549. However, don't expect any discounts on these Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones anytime soon.


AirPods Pro: $ 199

The AirPods Pro dropped to $ 169 at Walmart and $ 170 at Amazon on Black Friday. They currently play table tennis with Amazon and Staples for between $ 190 and $ 199. It's $ 50 below the regular price on the Apple Store, and shipping is free.

AirPods With a Wired Charging Box: $ 129

Walmart firmly entered the Black Friday selling game, dropping the $ 99 AirPods, the lowest price ever. That deal is long over, but Walmart, Target, and Amazon are now offering $ 129. It's still $ 30 cheaper than what you can get from the Apple Store.

AirPods With Wireless Charging Case: $ 160

AirPods iPhone-findheadsets

But if you're really a fan of wireless charging, you should know that you can buy the standard AirPods for $ 160 with a wireless charging case, saving you $ 59 over the Apple Store price. On Black Friday, however, it was $ 140 (the lowest price so far).

Target has the best discount deal right now, and you can save an extra 5% if you use the Red Card and an extra 10% with a Circle Coupon available for a limited time.

AirPods Max: $ 549

Apple's latest and greatest Plantronics headphones have just been announced. These are full-size models with advanced features such as noise reduction, surround sound, and easy integration with Apple devices. Wait for our review soon, but be prepared to pay the full price - this model will start at $ 549, and you won't see any discounts (if any) in the near future.

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