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Best Wireless Headsets of 2020 for Professionals in USA

Communication is an important skill in one’s personality that can be enhanced by the use of the right headsets. Whether you are communicating from office or home, you would need to have quality headphones that can make you sound better on the other end. The following are the five outstanding earpieces that can be used by professionals for business meetings, conference calls, or video calls with the latest technologies. They are built to bring power to your conversations.


1) Jabra Engage 65 Mono Wireless Headset with Base Unit



Jabra headsets are the most efficient and effective earpieces to use by professionals. They are made into a versatile range and style that fits every representative and agent according to their requirement. Jabra Engage 65 Mono are the best headphones that can be used by the professionals as they are integrated with advanced technologies. They are outstanding in their features. Firstly as they are wireless, they provide you the freedom to move and still stay connected with your devices.  They make you aware of the incoming calls, even if you are away from the desk. They supply you with the wireless range up to 490ft with a wideband capacity of 80 and narrowband 130. They are built with a talk time up to 13 hours with a single charge. They are integrated with the fastest charging component that gets charged from 0 to 40 % within 30 minutes. They are perfect for long shifts and conference meetings.

They are enhanced with the DECT technology that allows you to have a natural type of conversation. The high-quality sound will enable you to hear crystal clear no matter wherever you are. Whether you are in an office, stuck in traffic, or sitting in a café, there is no need to decline the calls as these earpieces provide you isolation from the surroundings to attend the calls. The microphone and speakers are integrated with noise-canceling technology that allows you to hear distortion-free calls. The microphone boom arm is highly adjustable to 270 degrees. They possess busy light integration that alerts the colleagues that you are busy on a call. They are comfortable to wear come with a base unit to hold the headset when not in use.


2) Engage 75 Mono Wireless Headset with Base Unit



These high performing headsets are all that you want. They are the best choice for unified communications without any problem. They are manufactured under the expert audio professionals that understand the need of the customers and the changing trends in the sound industry. These earpieces provide you excellent freedom to explore the places you want by being connected on the calls. They are monaural and best for people who want to stay aware of their surroundings as well. They provide you a wider frequency band that gives you the wireless range up to 490ft. They offer you talk time up to 13 hours with fast charging from 0 to 40% within 30 minutes. They can be connected with five devices with the help of USB, Bluetooth, and an analog desk phone. They are engineered with the DECT technology that allows you to hear as having a face to face conversation. The microphone is highly adjustable with noise-canceling technology that eliminates all the sounds, such as breathing rhythms and other unwanted noises. The ear cushion is very comfortable and soft, made up of quality leather and foam that leaves your ear pain-free. They are integrated with user sound protection that safeguards your auditory organs from a sudden high pitched sound. They are the best choice for Skype business requirements. They are made comfortable with being light weighted and the neckband accessory.


3) Plantronics Savi W740-M Wireless Headset



Plantronics headsets are the real sound masters. They are built with all advanced technologies that make you successful in all the fields of sound interaction. They are engineered with superior wideband audio using CAT-IQ technology for high definition voice quality. They are enhanced with DSP (digital signal processing) that provides natural voice sounds. They are specially optimized for unified communications without any inconvenience. Plantronics is the name of sound quality and amazing comfort. They can easily connect with PC, mobile, and desk phone. They are ideally used for professionals who use a mix PC, mobile, and desk phone communications. They are best for use in the office for conference calls, webinars, video conferencing, and listening to multimedia. They provide you with talk-time up to 7 hours. They are integrated with digital encryption 64-bit. They are incredibly lightweight up to 21 grams that makes them highly comfortable to use for long hours. They are easy to wear with behind the ear style as it hugs your ear without any fear of fall. DECT technology makes your conversations even better. The hearing protection allows you to prevent noise levels exceeding above 85dBA. They come with a year warranty from the manufacturer.


4) Plantronics CS540-xd Wireless Headset



These are the industry-leading wireless performance headsets to use by the professionals. They are monaural in wearing style as they can be worn from behind the ear. They are comfortable to wear for long hours without any inconvenience to counter.  They are extremely light weighted about 21 grams in weight. They provide you a wideband wireless frequency range of 350ft. These headphones are engineered to give more power to your conversations. They are industry-leading wireless performance earplugs that would provide you world-class sound. They can be connected with devices such as laptops, smartphones, PC, and tablets. They are meant to offer you incredible flexibility and freedom no matter wherever you may go. They are excellent at maintaining a secure wireless connection that would not let you or your customers down. They come with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturers that helps to remove the cost of early replacements.


5) Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset



Wireless headsets are ideal for the office and desk centric workers. They are engineered by the audio professional to deliver you excellent sound. They are an excellent choice for personal and professional use. The DECT technology and a wireless range of 350ft make it the most recommended earphones. They are light weighted and comfortable to use with simple-to-set-up and simple-to-use formula.

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