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HTC to Introduce Snapdragon into Headsets

HTC, one of the leading tech companies, has announced to introduce the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in Virtual Reality (VR) wireless headsets to power their hardware. The company has offered the headsets manufacturing companies to use its Vive WAVE mobile VR platform for their VR devices. With this, the headsets makers will have the permission to use the Virtual Reality operating system of HTC for their devices and provide them with ease to develop an operating system on their own or looking for an alternative likewise.
Another advantage that comes with this is that it will enable the headsets makers to use the existing application ecosystem of HTC for Virtual Reality bluetooth headsets. To make this possible and easier, HTC has signed an agreement with Qualcomm to boost its Vive WAVE operating system for virtual reality that would be exclusive for Snapdragon-powered headsets.
Vive is famous for both stand-alone headsets as well as PC-VR devices, but with the coming of 5G technology, such devices are expected to see huge growth in demand. The headsets that are equipped with Vive Wave runtime integrated on 5G smartphones and powered by Snapdragon, operatives will be able to set up a connected VR experience for headsets users.

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