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HyperX Launched Two Gaming Headsets: Expands HyperX Stinger Headset Lineup

HyperX, which is the gaming headsets sector of Kingston Technology Company, Inc. has announced to launch two new gaming headsets for its HyperX Stinger Headset Lineup. The newly launched headsets are HyperX Cloud Stinger™ Core + 7.1 and HyperX Cloud Stinger™ Core Wireless + 7.1 Gaming Headset. The newly launched headsets have a feature of 7.1 virtual sound with the help of exclusively designed software. Both are wireless headsets and are designed exclusively for gaming purposes. 
HyperX audio business manager Nate Almond said that the company is super excited to launch two new headsets for its Cloud Stinger gaming headsets family. He said the newly launched headsets are equipped with surround sound system and are best for those who are in search of an economical device for gaming. These headsets are ideal for students, as well as professionals working from home. With working from home and playing games in spare time, the demand for gaming headsets has increased, and these newly launched gaming wireless headsets are an ideal option at an affordable price for such consumers, he added. 
For an increased immersive in-game audio experience, both the headsets are equipped with a virtual surround sound system. 
The 40mm directional drivers of these headsets provide high-quality sound along with the pinpoint audio accuracy. With all these features, these headsets are just 245gms weight. The additional features for these headsets are in-bound volume control on the headset earcup, swivel-to-mute noise-canceling microphone, and adjustable steel sliders. The battery life of 17 hours makes these headsets break-free gaming gadgets. Both the headsets come with a two-year warranty. 
Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, the production or shipping of these headsets may face a delay. So, if you are planning on ordering any of these devices, you better keep that in mind.

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