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Louis Vuitton Presents a Headphone Case and a Mini Bag

Louis Vuitton Presents a Headphone Case

During the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the application of technology has skyrocketed, especially over the past year, and Louis Vuitton has entered this trend by launching a new pair of wireless headphones for listening to music and podcasts, and using for your daily routine such as phone calls, and walks. However, the French fashion brand came as a surprise on social media platforms, with people cutting down the cost of £ 955 on accessories with blue monograms.

Wireless Headphones

On the brand's website, Horizon wireless headphones, which feature Bluetooth, eliminate noise, and last for up to ten hours between charges, are described as "one of the best sound quality on the market."

Louis Vuitton also sells a headphone case for £ 810, a miniature version of the iconic 'Dauphine' bags that can be used as a necklace or cross.


On the brand's website, a monogram made of calf leather is described as "matched to a pair of AirPods Pro." The designer brand first launched its headphones in January 2019 at a price of £ 763, with four color options and 3.5 hours of listening on a single charge. In collaboration with Master & Dynamic, a New York-based branding company, it launched the ultra-luxury rival Apple AirPods, which costs £ 159.

This is not news anymore that Louis Vuitton has presented a product line that has caught the eye. She started selling her own version of the Jeng for £ 2,426 in July 2019. Unlike the wooden pieces typical of popular children's playsets, the brand's pieces are made of plexiglass in gradient shades of blue and pink. Despite the clear similarity of the product to the original version, the label does not mention the word "Jenga" but calls it "the tower of monograms."

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