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Oculus Quest Headset is Now Compatible with Facebook Messenger

Oculus Quest Headset

Oculus, a leading headset manufacturing company, wants to make socializing to be easier while using the VR headset. The Facebook Company is adding Facebook Messenger to its Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headphones. You need not remove the headset as you can chat with your friends by typing a message using the system controllers, choosing one of the messaging options, or using the Voice-to-Text platform.

Your friends will be able to receive your text message on any Facebook Messenger compatible device, and they also do not need to use a virtual reality device. However, if you start a conversation and have wearing headphones, you can easily jump right into the game with Oculus Party.

Facebook Messenger

Oculus announced the update in a blog post, in which it stated that this feature would not change current privacy settings. You can also sign out of Facebook Messenger and continue using Oculus Chat before sharing the headset. Maybe someone wants to speak on the set by playing Beat Saber. If that is you, then congratulations. Your day has finally come.

Facebook Messenger-findheadsets

In the latest Oculus Quest developer update, Facebook Virtual Reality announced, among other things, that Facebook Messenger will be available this week on Quest headphones. You can chat in VR by using handwriting, speech-to-text, or by adding common autocomplete phrases to your conversation.


Facebook also stated that using Messenger will not change privacy settings on Quest. Of course, this applies to everything Facebook does, and Messenger has been demanding its security for years. To use Messenger, you do not need to say you need to log into your Facebook account from the Quest banner. This is mandatory for Task 2, but owners of Task 1 should consider it.

Integrating messaging software with the Oculus Quest headset is another excuse to spend as much time as possible in virtual reality, which we definitely understand in these difficult times. Simply do not forget to take breaks from time to time while you are chatting with your friends and family.

In addition to adding Facebook Messenger, Oculus is also rolling out the App Lab, a platform where third-party developers can host their games in virtual reality. The App Lab will offer smaller titles that may not be eligible for the flagship Oculus Store. Developers will be able to use the App Lab to host their games with a simple link or digital key.

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