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Shipments of VR/AR Headsets Likely to Hike by 29% in 2020

Amid the growing demand for wireless headsets across the globe, a research report predicted that the demand would increase by 29% in the current year 2020. The hike is a direct result of the increased demand from commercial as well as domestic consumers. These devices are in demand because of the increase in remote working due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic across the globe.
It is definitely not inappropriate to mention here that the COVID-19 pandemic has made organizations urge their workers to work remotely from their homes in order to maintain social distancing as recommended by the health professionals. The Augmented Reality, as well as Virtual Reality, are the hot-selling devices amid the lockdowns across the globe. They are being used for various purposes, including attending online meetings, online classes, playing games, and entertainment purposes to video chatting with the loved ones. The versatility of these audio and video aiding devices has made them an inevitable choice for all types of consumers.
The other business sectors that are adopting Augmented Reality, as well as Virtual Reality wireless headsets, include auto industry and national defense sectors. These devices are being used in these sectors to make remote working easier during the lockdown period.

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