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Yealink Issues All New Wireless Headsets×UC Workstation to Redefine Your Workspace

Yealink Wireless Headsets

Yealink, a leading global company that provides unified communications (UC) solutions, has announced that it is going to release the WH6x Series DECT Wireless Headsets×UC Workstation. This headset is Certified for Microsoft Teams.

Yealink WH6x series offer the finest audio quality because of dereverberation, full-duplex attributes, noise-canceling microphone, and a speakerphone (only comes with the premium sets), consumers can hear and be heard crystal clear without interruptions during meetings and more. Also, the series provides plug and play capability with a given dedicated Teams button that permits you to interact with the Teams app with just one push.

Long Range Wireless Headsets

Yealink WH62-findheadsets

The Yealink Essential DECT WH62 and WH63 wireless headphones with a busy indicator from Yealink provide a visual signal and indication that helps reduce distraction and eliminate interference, allowing users to focus on business meetings. Teams. In addition, thanks to Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, which blocks out noise and improves sound clarity, the headphones also provide exceptional wearing comfort, long range wireless headsets connectivity up to 160 m, and 14 hours of talk time. It provides greater flexibility in daily communication, allowing users to move around the office without losing connections.

The premium Yealink WH66 and WH67 X UC Workstation DECT wireless headsets provide users with the ability and flexibility to connect devices and manage communication from a single device, and also act as a hub that integrates a full-duplex hands-free kit, docking station. Charging of mobile phones wirelessly, 4” console of a touchpad, and USB high-speed hub collectively provide a remarkable aspect set that lets you meet, connect, and collaborate clearly and intelligently.

Yealink WH67-findheadsets

“Yealink is committed to providing our customers with more reliable and flexible device options. The WH6x Series UC Workstation is a powerful product for the Microsoft teams that we created this year with the goal of advancing collaboration and increasing productivity. Yealink’s vice president of Product Alvin Liao said.

Online Bluetooth Headsets

“Our customers tell us that DECT Bluetooth headsets online can bring huge benefits, especially in terms of wireless coverage, density, and security,” said Albert Kooiman, senior manager for Microsoft Teams Engineering and Device Partner Certification, and I am adding a portfolio of certified devices Yealink for Microsoft computers in this category. I am sure they will be very pleased to see your development, he added.”

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