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Viking VK-K-1900-6 View Details

Viking VK-K-1900-6

$88.80 $148.00
VIKING VK-W-3000-EWP View Details


$348.00 $580.00
Viking Electronics VK-E-1600-65A View Details

Viking Electronics VK-E-1600-65A

$295.00 $492.00
VIKING VK-E-40-BK View Details


$179.20 $420.00
VIKING VK-E-30-IP View Details


$361.20 $602.00
Viking VK-SR-IP Electronics View Details

Viking VK-SR-IP Electronics

$303.50 $506.00
VIKING VK-E-1600-45A View Details

VIKING VK-E-1600-45A

$296.00 $492.00
VIKING VK-MTG-10 View Details


$60.00 $104.00
VIKING VK-E-1600A View Details


$295.00 $492.00
VIKING VK-ACA-1A View Details


$489.00 $814.00
Viking VK-CPC-1 Electronics View Details

Viking VK-CPC-1 Electronics

$83.00 $138.00
 Viking VK-TDR-1Electronics View Details

Viking VK-TDR-1Electronics

$54.00 $90.00
VIKING VK-K-1900-7-EWP View Details


$451.00 $752.00
Viking Electronics VK-E-20B-EWP View Details

Viking Electronics VK-E-20B-EWP

$290.00 $484.00
VIKING VK-W-2000A-EWP View Details


$316.00 $526.00
Viking Electronics VK-E-1600-30A View Details

Viking Electronics VK-E-1600-30A

$322.00 $536.00
VIKING VK-CTG-2 View Details


$714.00 $1,190.00
Viking Electronics VK-40-IP View Details

Viking Electronics VK-40-IP

$354.00 $590.00
VIKING VK-CTG-2A View Details


$714.00 $1,190.00


Viking electronics is the first choice in terms of quality and security. They are best in producing ringers, intercoms, call boxes, door phones, and emergency phones that upgrade your communication and security system confidentially.  They are providing an excellent product in the market from around 50 years gaining the trust of their customers.

Stronger Communication:

They developed amazing products to make your communication stronger wherever you may go. The products are based on the needs and demands of the customers. They are designed for the betterment and up-gradation of telecommunications in the offices and homes. The products are convenient in terms of installation and stay with the consumer effectively for a long time.
They are made water-resistant, black in color to withstand the outer atmosphere. They are upgraded with a new high output speaker amplifier that provides an outstanding sound. The volume can be adjusted according to your requirements. They can be installed easily outdoor or indoors with a selected number of rings. They work best in all sorts of temperatures with enhanced weather protection. The products are designed for outdoor or harsh environments

Security in Your Hands:

They provide complete security control in your hands nearly on any phone system. The video entry phones are made compact with speakerphones designed to provide two-way hands-free communication. They provide excellent color video to check out who is at your door or gate. These products are offered to the consumers in varied colors to match your door hardware, and light fixtures can be connected to an unused analog station port on a phone system or connected directly to a telephone line. They provide the high quality effect of the video, microphone sound, and selectable auto answer for monitoring.

Loud to Hear:

They are specially made with high definition sound quality to give you clear sound. They are featured with automatic noise-canceling technology for proper functioning in noisy environments. VoIP audio detection eliminates the need for the push to talk mode. They are programmable to speed dial up to 250 numbers. Volumes can be adjusted for the microphone and speakers at your own preference. They have self-diagnostics for the testing of the intercom, switch, mic, and speakers. They have selectable auto-answer feature for monitoring as they are remotely programmable.

Maximum Durability:

Since 1969 Viking is producing the best models and products to give comfort to its customers. They have gained tremendous satisfaction and trust from their valuable customers by producing industry-leading technology products. The quality of the products is unmatchable in durability as they are made of the best materials. They are available in stainless steel faceplate with outstanding graphics. They are well designed and ideal for outdoor installation where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation.